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What I Have Learned About Fashion…From Children

I have learned a lot from the kids I work with over the years, but I never had thought that fashion sense would be one of them.  Kids are dirty and sticky and their not-always-fashion-forward parents are responsible for dressing them.  despite all of this, I realized that they have completely figured out some things without any help at all. So here is the first lesson:

Don’t be afraid to mix prints

Leopard print leggings with a floral cardigan, striped socks and a pokadot shirt? Yes.  An 8-year-old would also throw on a backpack covered in birds and heart embossed baseball cap, but as an adult, I would stick to mixing just a few different prints.

~ The infamous Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl mixing florals and looking very chic doing it.







50384089551013250_LIzgktYn~ This is an easier way to combine prints, a dress and a jacket. So cute!








mixing patterns
mixing patterns by Fashiontoteach featuring a striped jacket

Wrap top

Striped jacket

Elastic waist skirt

Poetic Licence Hot To Trot

I like the idea of mixing patterns in black and white if you are still a little hesitant about trying to mix patterns.  After that, you can throw in a little colour with a blazer or heels.
What do you think about mixing patterns? How many is too many?


Fashion Inspiration: Emma Pillsbury

You don’t see too much of the teachers on Glee, but I’m sure glad that guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury is one of them!  Although her bright monochromatic outfits may be a little over-the-top for everyday wear, I am sill in love with her cardigan and floral print combos and her adorable retro brooches and sweater clips.  Almost all of Emma’s clothing in the past season have been from Kate Spade, which is great, except that we can’t get the brand in Canada (or at least not in Edmonton).  Even if it was available to me, I couldn’t afford it anyway.

So here is my frugal version of an Emma Pillsbury outfit and Also a few items I have seen in stores lately that would be prefect, but that I have too much self-restraint to buy.

Emma Pilsbury Fashion
Emma Pilsbury Fashion byFashiontoteach featuring a yellow skirt

jacob.ca  ~ This is on Sale for $18.74 right now!

Yellow skirt
$36 – lavishalice.com

Modern Vintage Study Hall
I also love this tulip-pink pencil skirt from Jacob.  It’s on sale for $29.99 right now and will surely be making an appearance in my new winter wardrobe.

Mad About “Day of Pink”

Last Wednesday was the Day of Pink, an International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia and Transphobia in schools and communities. I think this is an amazing cause. I grew up in a very accepting environment, at home and at school. I went to a wonderful arts school where bullying someone because of their sexual orientation wasn’t really an issue. I want this to be the reality for every student because school is supposed to be a place where you can feel safe and accepted and free to learn and share.

I just made a “Pretty in Pink” post recently so I had to scrounge up something new. I have plenty of shirts but on;y one pink dress and it is a little too flowery and poofy to wear to school and still pass as over 18 in a position of authority. So I raided J.’s closet and found this lovely retro jem. I think it’s very “Joan Harris” from Mad Men, another of my fashion inspirations. Enjoy.

Dress~ Vintage, J.’s closet

Cardigan~ Gift

Belt~ Joe Fresh

Locket~ Gift

Tights~ Gap

Shoes~ Hush Puppy designer edition, Town Shoes

Cat~ Edmonton Humane Society

Scarf Belt

I put together a great light-coloured spring outfit today and I just didn’t have the right belt to pull it together. They were all too dark or thin but I needed something because this skirt is kind of old and a little too big for me. I had almost given up and was ready to do a last-minute 8am change when I remembered this post from Academichic. These ladies were the queens of belting things, I’m really sad they are no longer updating their site.

So I gave it a go, it turned out alright but you can still tell that the skirt is a little big. That plus the fact that it’s over 5 years old and designed to sit lower on the hips didn’t make for the most flattering silhouette. But hey, I tried. You win some, you lose some.

Blazer ~ Aritzia, $125, here. Blouse, $29 (sale) and scarf, $18, RW&Co. Skirt, ancient, American Eagle. Tights, Gap. Shoes, $25 (sale), Sears

I really like the idea of using a scarf as a belt and any other alternative uses for accessories. I will definitely be trying this again, maybe finishing with a bow instead of tucking the ends like I did here. That sounds more girly and me anyway.

Pretty in Pink

Here it is, my new pink blazer from Dynamite!  The first thing I paired this with is my favourite pair of burgundy dress pants.  I like this colour palette and how it reflects the dreary but almost spring weather we are having right now.





I also had my first crash-and-burn teaching day today.  I don’t think it helped anyone that I looked good doing it, except maybe myself :). It wasn’t too bad, just a lot of time management issues keeping me behind schedule.  When I mentioned they had a quiz next class the response was ” HAHA, April fools day was yesterday!”.

{Shooties, Cielo Rosa. ~$25.00}

These adorable shoes are perhaps my favourite boxing day purchase!  I got them from a tiny asian imports store called Cielo Rosa, who have two locations in Edmonton now.  The first has been in HUB Mall for years and the second just opened up on Whyte Avenue last year.  They always have lots of adorable coats, dresses and shoes from China, Korea and Japan.  The quality is not alway the best (I got the heel tips replaced already) but they sure are cute! I always get tons of compliments when I wear these scalloped, fur trimmed shooties.

{Blazer, Dynamite, $45}

{Pants with belt, Zara, Sept. 2011. similar here}

{Ruffle T-shirt, RW&Co, 2008}

{Glasses, Clearly Contacts}

{Shoes, Cielo Rosa}

First Day of School!!

Today was my first day of student teaching and I am very excited for the next 6 weeks!  Just a little outfit post today.  A nice mix of old and new items (not brand new though) and nice and colourful.





Shirt ~ RW&Co, December 2011, sale $12.99, similar here

Skirt ~ Sears, December 2011, sale $26.00, similar here

Belt ~ Joe Fresh, sale $4.00, similar at Joe Fresh

Cardigan ~ Jacob 2008, similar on Modcloth










Tights ~ Anthropologie 2010, $22.50 here

Shoes ~ Payless summer 2011, similar here




This is also my first outfit post, so many firsts in one day!  I took all these pictures myself, easier than catching J. when we are both home.  A work in progress but it’s only up from here!

Hello world!

Hello fellow wanna-be fashionistas!

Because this is my first post and I don’t have an “about me” section, I’m going to start by telling you a little about myself.  I’m Char, I live in Edmonton, Alberta where it is winter almost half the year, which makes dressing nicely a real hassle sometimes. I live in a cute basement suite in a great part of town with my roommate J and my cat Evie.  I am also about half-way through my after degree in Education and about to embark on my first practicum!  This brings me to my inspiration for starting this blog:  How do I dress like a teacher?

When most people think about typical teacher “fashion”, it usually looks something like this:

The Funny-Fashion Teacher:  Wears clever t-shirts or school spirit gear.  Usually the one to come up with theme costume days or to wear a tie/shirt/scarf with a print that matches their lesson content for that day.


{photo C/O zazzle}

or this…

The I-have-no-style Teacher:  Tried and true staples A.K.A ill-fitting blouses and blazers and too-long skirts all from 15 years ago.  This type of fashion can be found in all jobs and professions.  If my mother had her way, I would fit into this category along with her (sorry mom).


{photo C/O this website}


or even this…

The over-the-top-hot Teacher:  Something you would (hopefully) NEVER see in a classroom but would definitely see on TV, in a movie or in a magazine every day.  This over sexed media version of teachers is the polar opposite of the norm, maybe that’s why it is so popular.

{photo C/O anna raccoon}


So with all these mixed messages, stereotypes and uninspiring fashion role models, what’s a girl to do?  I have learned so many valuable things in school about assessment and classroom management, how to ACT the part, but the one thing my professors don’t address is how to DRESS the part.  It’s also the one question my classmates and I think qualifies as a “stupid” question, even when there aren’t supposed to be any.  After I had decided that I had to figure this out on my own, I took to the internet to, um, figure it out on my own…with some help. I found a couple of helpful websites but the best one I found, academichic, stopped updating as of last summer 😦

So I am starting this blog to chronicle my adventures in teaching fashion and I am inviting you along for the ride!  In my first few posts I plan to: divide  my wardrobe into appropriate and inappropriate (for the classroom, obviously!); talk about fashion on a budget (meaning I am broke and NOT buying new clothes); and start my (weekly? monthly?) DIY cheap fashion rescue posts.

But before I do all that I have to write a paper.