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Restocking your Wardrobe for Autumn

It’s that time again: not autumn yet, but the stores seem to think so.  I love fall fashion with colours inspired by nature, chunky knits and boots, but IT IS STILL WARM OUT!  I have had to make do with making a list of things I will need to update my wardrobe this fall without actually going shopping yet.  This is good for two reasons:

1. I have time to really think about what I want and what I need.  I NEED new boots because I bought cheap boots two years ago and now they are leaking.  I WANT every second dress I set eyes on (I already have about 30, I will never need a new dress). This *should* keep me from going overboard and help me stick to my budget.

2. It would kill me a little bit to buy a sweater or scarf or pair of boots when it’s still 20 degrees out.  I love summer and I’m not about to let it go early, even if it means not getting first dibs on the new fall trends.

So here are a few things I decided that I need this Fall.

things I need for Fall

Sheer shirt

H M peplum top
$39 – hm.com

H m jacket
$47 – hm.com

Miz Mooz stacked heel

Matt Nat leather shoulder bag

  • The sheer lace top has been on my list since spring, I recently saw this unique piece on Modcloth and decided I would not let it pass me by this time!
  • I do not have many nice tops, so I need to add a few to wear with skirts and pants.  I quite like the peplum trend this fall
  • I wear my navy blazer quite often and I think I would use another, lighter neutral coloured blazer quite often.
  • I only own 3 pairs of pants that fit me, and one pair is ugly.  I need to buy pants.
  • I made the mistake of “saving money” by buying cheap boots the last couple years and now they leak.  I need to make a bigger investment into some comfortable, neutral boots.
  • I need a new school bag that can fit all of my books and lunch and change of shoes, etc… I can’t carry a backpack when I’m dressed well and feel good about it.  I definitely cannot wear a backpack when I am teaching high school during my practicum!

Of course the list of things I WANT goes on and on.  I will have to see how my job situation is in the fall before I make any hasty decisions.  Although I already have my heart set on some locally made trinkets on sale at the annual Fringe Festival here in Edmonton.  But after that I’ll be good…maybe.