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Fashion Lessons from Children: Lesson 2

Lesson number two is almost the opposite of the first, but equally important.
Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic with your favourite colour


H M cardigan
$6.29 –

Forever 21

Kitten heel shoes

Metal jewelry

Valentino leather belt

NARS Cosmetics matte nailpolish
$47 –

I love pink so that was the colour I chose for this outfit.  To keep it from looking like a fluffy pink cloud, I added brown leather boots and a belt,  chunky gold jewelery, and a neutral nail.  The effect of different shades of the same colour together can evoke images of sunsets or the ocean and can be very pretty if done the right way.
I did see this go horrible wrong the other day while walking around on campus.  A woman was wearing pink EVERYTHING, including her backpack with a  dangling Hello Kitty.  That is a perfect example of not growing with these rules but simply dressing like a grade 1 girl.