Fashion Inspiration: Blair Waldorf

For the past 5 years I have had a guilty pleasure: Gossip Girl.  The scandal, the hot men, the crazy story lines, but above all, the clothes!  My very favourite character (like many others) is Bliar Waldorf.  She’s rich, she’s beautiful, she gets what she wants, and she looks fabulous doing it.

Here is my first pick from my favourite Blair looks from over the years: Classic school girl with brights in primary colours

I really like the classic navy and white with pops of yellow, red, blue and green (yes, I know green isn’t technically a primary colour).

Blair also always has big totes in a wide array of colours. Myself, I have one purse that I use all the time and have had to resort to a backpack (ugh) to carry all my books around.

I also love Blair’s capes!  I don’t own any capes (yet) but I do have a bright green spring jacket that captures the Blair essence.  Although Blair is almost always in sky-high stilettos, she also had some cute preppy flats.  I like the oxfords because they are comfortable and fashionable, a good combination for teaching all day.

I am nowhere near a multi-millionaire like my fictional TV heroine so I have to make do with what I’ve got.  This outfit probably cost me $45 in total.  The cardigan is from my room mate’s closet and the skirt is from a clothing swap, so both were free!  The shoes are from Spring and the tights are Joe Fresh, both at least one year old.  The shirt is from Forever 21 and on sale was about $10, also over a year ago.

white oxfords, similar here

navy and red Gap skirt, similar look here or here

ruffle front blouse, similar here

navy tights, Joe Fresh

(they have the very best opaque tights and they are only $6!)

green cardigan similar here

belt, vintage, similar here



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