Sunday Confession: I Went Shopping

I had planned on not shopping until May, but last week, I caved.  Spring shopping is my very favourite; the colours, the floral prints, the flowy skirts and cute dresses *swoon* It was very hard to resist and I had started a list of things I really needed/wanted a few months ago.  After staying out of shopping malls and whittling down my list I finally caved when I got a substantial cheque refunding some money from my health insurance.  So I used the extra (after paying all my bills and putting some away in savings of course!) to get the most wanted things on my list.

Item #1: Blazer

I only have two blazers. The first is a navy Talula Exeter blazer from Aritzia, shown here in Charcoal.

The second is a more interesting, tailored piece from Urban Outfitters by Kimchi Blue, which actually looks strange on this too-skinny model and much better in person.

I had been enamoured with this bright pink tweed blazer that I had seen on Gossip Girl a while back, after trying on 14 pink blazers in various stores, I finally found one that fit which is more of a rose pink which I am very happy with.

Smythe Silk Embroidered blazer

~ originally  $695!!




Dynamite Pink Boyfriend blazer

$44.90 ~



This colour may be more trendy than a classic grey or black, but it will add some interest to my wardrobe and will make a great cover up for my lighter coloured dresses which just look strange layered with a starkly coloured blazer or cardigan.


#2: Something Mint Green

As is evident by my pinterest board, this is my new favourite colour this spring.

It’s a lovely not-quite-teal, not-quite-turquoise green reminiscent of Easter and pastel coloured mints.  I am also in desperate need of blouses so when I found my colour blouse in one of my favourite Whyte Avenue stores, Colourblind,  I went for it.


Here is the pink version from Modcloth ~


~ Picture C/O Shabby Apple








#3: Lace shell

When I saw the Enchantment Lookbook from Ruche about a month ago I fell in love.  Not only because they manages to find the most beautiful model and clothing and location (as always) but because of one piece in particular.

I became obsessed with the possibilities of this sheer lace shell.  I could layer it under things or over!  I just loved how it was styled here, taking a sleeveless dress and making it a little more demure with almost no effort at all.  Think of how this could expand my school appropriate wardrobe!!  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  I was so adamant about not shopping that I missed out and now they no longer carry the item.  I did look around to find something similar but just couldn’t find the right look.  I may keep looking but I feel that I will ultimately be disappointed and so maybe I should just give up now.

So there you have it, my confession for this Sunday.  I broke the rules.  But now I feel satisfied to move my wardrobe into spring, at least for now.

Which is funny, because it snowed again today.






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