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It’s Finally Spring!

It finally feels like spring here in Edmonton! Almost around 20 degrees, I took out my bicycle for the first time the other day and I don’t have an overwhelming urge to slap girls with bare legs. (If there is snow on the ground, take the extra 30 seconds to put on a pair of tights, you look stupid). 

So here is a nice, bright and colourful outfit to suit the beautiful weather!  Hopefully this is one of my last posts wearing tights, but unfortunately, it’s still pretty cool inside my school and even cooler inside my classroom.  It was a definite shock when I left at 4 today and it was about 5 degrees warmer outside than it was inside!

Dress, Old Navy, $20. similar here

Tights and shoes, Joe Fresh.

Cardigan, Jacob, similar here.

Belt, Zara, came with pants.


Mad About “Day of Pink”

Last Wednesday was the Day of Pink, an International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia and Transphobia in schools and communities. I think this is an amazing cause. I grew up in a very accepting environment, at home and at school. I went to a wonderful arts school where bullying someone because of their sexual orientation wasn’t really an issue. I want this to be the reality for every student because school is supposed to be a place where you can feel safe and accepted and free to learn and share.

I just made a “Pretty in Pink” post recently so I had to scrounge up something new. I have plenty of shirts but on;y one pink dress and it is a little too flowery and poofy to wear to school and still pass as over 18 in a position of authority. So I raided J.’s closet and found this lovely retro jem. I think it’s very “Joan Harris” from Mad Men, another of my fashion inspirations. Enjoy.

Dress~ Vintage, J.’s closet

Cardigan~ Gift

Belt~ Joe Fresh

Locket~ Gift

Tights~ Gap

Shoes~ Hush Puppy designer edition, Town Shoes

Cat~ Edmonton Humane Society

Scarf Belt

I put together a great light-coloured spring outfit today and I just didn’t have the right belt to pull it together. They were all too dark or thin but I needed something because this skirt is kind of old and a little too big for me. I had almost given up and was ready to do a last-minute 8am change when I remembered this post from Academichic. These ladies were the queens of belting things, I’m really sad they are no longer updating their site.

So I gave it a go, it turned out alright but you can still tell that the skirt is a little big. That plus the fact that it’s over 5 years old and designed to sit lower on the hips didn’t make for the most flattering silhouette. But hey, I tried. You win some, you lose some.

Blazer ~ Aritzia, $125, here. Blouse, $29 (sale) and scarf, $18, RW&Co. Skirt, ancient, American Eagle. Tights, Gap. Shoes, $25 (sale), Sears

I really like the idea of using a scarf as a belt and any other alternative uses for accessories. I will definitely be trying this again, maybe finishing with a bow instead of tucking the ends like I did here. That sounds more girly and me anyway.

Fashion Inspiration: Blair Waldorf

For the past 5 years I have had a guilty pleasure: Gossip Girl.  The scandal, the hot men, the crazy story lines, but above all, the clothes!  My very favourite character (like many others) is Bliar Waldorf.  She’s rich, she’s beautiful, she gets what she wants, and she looks fabulous doing it.

Here is my first pick from my favourite Blair looks from over the years: Classic school girl with brights in primary colours

I really like the classic navy and white with pops of yellow, red, blue and green (yes, I know green isn’t technically a primary colour).

Blair also always has big totes in a wide array of colours. Myself, I have one purse that I use all the time and have had to resort to a backpack (ugh) to carry all my books around.

I also love Blair’s capes!  I don’t own any capes (yet) but I do have a bright green spring jacket that captures the Blair essence.  Although Blair is almost always in sky-high stilettos, she also had some cute preppy flats.  I like the oxfords because they are comfortable and fashionable, a good combination for teaching all day.

I am nowhere near a multi-millionaire like my fictional TV heroine so I have to make do with what I’ve got.  This outfit probably cost me $45 in total.  The cardigan is from my room mate’s closet and the skirt is from a clothing swap, so both were free!  The shoes are from Spring and the tights are Joe Fresh, both at least one year old.  The shirt is from Forever 21 and on sale was about $10, also over a year ago.

white oxfords, similar here

navy and red Gap skirt, similar look here or here

ruffle front blouse, similar here

navy tights, Joe Fresh

(they have the very best opaque tights and they are only $6!)

green cardigan similar here

belt, vintage, similar here


Pretty in Pink

Here it is, my new pink blazer from Dynamite!  The first thing I paired this with is my favourite pair of burgundy dress pants.  I like this colour palette and how it reflects the dreary but almost spring weather we are having right now.





I also had my first crash-and-burn teaching day today.  I don’t think it helped anyone that I looked good doing it, except maybe myself :). It wasn’t too bad, just a lot of time management issues keeping me behind schedule.  When I mentioned they had a quiz next class the response was ” HAHA, April fools day was yesterday!”.

{Shooties, Cielo Rosa. ~$25.00}

These adorable shoes are perhaps my favourite boxing day purchase!  I got them from a tiny asian imports store called Cielo Rosa, who have two locations in Edmonton now.  The first has been in HUB Mall for years and the second just opened up on Whyte Avenue last year.  They always have lots of adorable coats, dresses and shoes from China, Korea and Japan.  The quality is not alway the best (I got the heel tips replaced already) but they sure are cute! I always get tons of compliments when I wear these scalloped, fur trimmed shooties.

{Blazer, Dynamite, $45}

{Pants with belt, Zara, Sept. 2011. similar here}

{Ruffle T-shirt, RW&Co, 2008}

{Glasses, Clearly Contacts}

{Shoes, Cielo Rosa}

Sunday Confession: I Went Shopping

I had planned on not shopping until May, but last week, I caved.  Spring shopping is my very favourite; the colours, the floral prints, the flowy skirts and cute dresses *swoon* It was very hard to resist and I had started a list of things I really needed/wanted a few months ago.  After staying out of shopping malls and whittling down my list I finally caved when I got a substantial cheque refunding some money from my health insurance.  So I used the extra (after paying all my bills and putting some away in savings of course!) to get the most wanted things on my list.

Item #1: Blazer

I only have two blazers. The first is a navy Talula Exeter blazer from Aritzia, shown here in Charcoal.

The second is a more interesting, tailored piece from Urban Outfitters by Kimchi Blue, which actually looks strange on this too-skinny model and much better in person.

I had been enamoured with this bright pink tweed blazer that I had seen on Gossip Girl a while back, after trying on 14 pink blazers in various stores, I finally found one that fit which is more of a rose pink which I am very happy with.

Smythe Silk Embroidered blazer

~ originally  $695!!




Dynamite Pink Boyfriend blazer

$44.90 ~



This colour may be more trendy than a classic grey or black, but it will add some interest to my wardrobe and will make a great cover up for my lighter coloured dresses which just look strange layered with a starkly coloured blazer or cardigan.


#2: Something Mint Green

As is evident by my pinterest board, this is my new favourite colour this spring.

It’s a lovely not-quite-teal, not-quite-turquoise green reminiscent of Easter and pastel coloured mints.  I am also in desperate need of blouses so when I found my colour blouse in one of my favourite Whyte Avenue stores, Colourblind,  I went for it.


Here is the pink version from Modcloth ~


~ Picture C/O Shabby Apple








#3: Lace shell

When I saw the Enchantment Lookbook from Ruche about a month ago I fell in love.  Not only because they manages to find the most beautiful model and clothing and location (as always) but because of one piece in particular.

I became obsessed with the possibilities of this sheer lace shell.  I could layer it under things or over!  I just loved how it was styled here, taking a sleeveless dress and making it a little more demure with almost no effort at all.  Think of how this could expand my school appropriate wardrobe!!  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  I was so adamant about not shopping that I missed out and now they no longer carry the item.  I did look around to find something similar but just couldn’t find the right look.  I may keep looking but I feel that I will ultimately be disappointed and so maybe I should just give up now.

So there you have it, my confession for this Sunday.  I broke the rules.  But now I feel satisfied to move my wardrobe into spring, at least for now.

Which is funny, because it snowed again today.