Polka Dots and Powerpoint

I felt so drab wearing only black and white and grey today so I threw in a little colour! It was my third day of school and I already had to stay late to fix old Powerpoint presentations to match the notes that the students were given.  It’s nice to be doing something useful! I have a great Polka dot dress that is too short to wear to school, so this shirt is the next best way for me to get my fix!

Scarf ~ clothing swap, similar from Chapters (actually, I really want this scarf, it’s more of a pinky-coral colour than this orange one)

Cardigan ~ Joe Fresh 2009, $12.00, similar from Old Navy

Shirt ~ J.’s Closet (Joe Fresh), free. Similar from Modcloth 

Pants ~ RW&Co, ~ 2007.

Belt, trouser socks and shoes ~ all Joe Fresh, all at least one year old.  Similar shoes from Aldo

Necklace, Aerie, 2010, $5.00 on sale

Glasses ~ clearlycontacts.ca.  They are always having great sales and giveaways, such a good deal and a great way to change up your look easily!

I’m wearing glasses in all my pictures right now because I have an eye infection 😦  Hopefully I can go back to contacts soon, but I am at least used to wearing them all the time now.  Coming soon, my fashion icons and the outfits they have inspired!

See you soon!


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