The Clothing Swap


– nine tops

– one scarf

– one coat

– one hat

– two skirts

– workout shorts

– one bag

I don’t remember where I first heard about clothing swaps or I would give them credit, because they are the best idea ever!  The concept is simple: get a bunch of your friends together; everyone brings the clothing they don’t wear any more; everyone drinks wine and tries on everyone else’s clothes; everyone goes home with free new stuff!! Afterwards you can even take the reject clothes and donate them to Goodwill or another charity organization afterward.  At the end of my last clothing swap, we donated almost 6 bags of clothes to the people of Slave Lake after a fire destroyed their town last year.

Some of your friends hoard clothes and you have no idea!  I have seen people show up with multiple suitcases full of stuff, I have gotten items with the tags still on!  If you have nicer items, you can have a clothing auction instead and make a little money too.

Caution! You still have to be careful at a clothing swap even though everything is free.  You are drinking and trying on clothes so you judgement can be impaired.  You can easily end up with something that *almost* fits, something that fits well but is not your style, or something that is forced upon you because “it’s so great and it needs someone to love it!”. The last clothing swap I attended, I came home with two garbage bags worth of free clothes.  I did end up getting rid of about 1/4 of the items because of the above reasons, but many of the items have served me well over the last year.

I like having these events at the beginning of spring. Maybe it’s the “spring cleaning” bug that inspires it, but I know my wallet can be thankful for the timing.  Spring is my very favourite shopping season because I am such a sucker for pastels, dresses, bold colours, floral prints, and flowy fabrics.  I have not even set foot in a mall in the last month because I know it would be masochistic to see and know that I can not have. My Things I Love list on Modcloth grows every day but I don’t dare add any items to my shopping bag.

So I went to my first clothing swap of the season and hoping it would satisfy my cravings. I took 20 items with me, including a coat, a purse and a pair of shoes.  5 of the items were almost new but just didn’t fit right so I was hoping to make a little money off of them too.  I came back with 16 items, including a few things I really wanted: a statement coat (red), a cloche,  new workout shorts, a scarf, and some tops (which I don’t have many of).  I’m sure some of it won’t work out, but that’s ok, because it was all free!!

{What I started with}


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