Hello world!

Hello fellow wanna-be fashionistas!

Because this is my first post and I don’t have an “about me” section, I’m going to start by telling you a little about myself.  I’m Char, I live in Edmonton, Alberta where it is winter almost half the year, which makes dressing nicely a real hassle sometimes. I live in a cute basement suite in a great part of town with my roommate J and my cat Evie.  I am also about half-way through my after degree in Education and about to embark on my first practicum!  This brings me to my inspiration for starting this blog:  How do I dress like a teacher?

When most people think about typical teacher “fashion”, it usually looks something like this:

The Funny-Fashion Teacher:  Wears clever t-shirts or school spirit gear.  Usually the one to come up with theme costume days or to wear a tie/shirt/scarf with a print that matches their lesson content for that day.


{photo C/O zazzle}

or this…

The I-have-no-style Teacher:  Tried and true staples A.K.A ill-fitting blouses and blazers and too-long skirts all from 15 years ago.  This type of fashion can be found in all jobs and professions.  If my mother had her way, I would fit into this category along with her (sorry mom).


{photo C/O this website}


or even this…

The over-the-top-hot Teacher:  Something you would (hopefully) NEVER see in a classroom but would definitely see on TV, in a movie or in a magazine every day.  This over sexed media version of teachers is the polar opposite of the norm, maybe that’s why it is so popular.

{photo C/O anna raccoon}


So with all these mixed messages, stereotypes and uninspiring fashion role models, what’s a girl to do?  I have learned so many valuable things in school about assessment and classroom management, how to ACT the part, but the one thing my professors don’t address is how to DRESS the part.  It’s also the one question my classmates and I think qualifies as a “stupid” question, even when there aren’t supposed to be any.  After I had decided that I had to figure this out on my own, I took to the internet to, um, figure it out on my own…with some help. I found a couple of helpful websites but the best one I found, academichic, stopped updating as of last summer 😦

So I am starting this blog to chronicle my adventures in teaching fashion and I am inviting you along for the ride!  In my first few posts I plan to: divide  my wardrobe into appropriate and inappropriate (for the classroom, obviously!); talk about fashion on a budget (meaning I am broke and NOT buying new clothes); and start my (weekly? monthly?) DIY cheap fashion rescue posts.

But before I do all that I have to write a paper.








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